Environmental Policy

The Company will contribute time and effort in developing and training staff and management to ensure furniture is produced in the most efficient way with regard to skill, technique and quality.

New products are constantly being developed and regard is paid to innovation, design, comfort and practicality. Improvements to work patterns and methods are constantly sought, given economic constraints and practicalities.

Our commitment to addressing important environmental issues are:

  • Using local suppliers where possible and limiting the amount of imported materials in our products
  • Continuing to use hardwoods from sustainable European forests
  • Use of low impact solvent and zero solvent technology, as well as strict control of emissions
  • Continued recycling of timber, cardboard and plastics wastes
  • Pursuing research into packaging improvements with reduced content
  • Year-on-year reduction in energy costs with energy saving measures

Our upholstery products are all manufactured in the UK, and are not imported. Excessive transport costs are avoided wherever possible with the active pursuance of local sourcing, subject to practical and economic viability.


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