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Feng Shui Atmosphere | The English Sofa Company-Feng Shui is one of the World’s oldest styles for arranging your home and the furniture inside it. Take a look at some of our best tips here.

How to: Put together Scandinavian décor

The clean, streamline designs of Scandinavian décor are hugely popular right now. And rightly so! Scandinavian style furniture focuses on light hues, natural tones and wood elements. When all of these are put together, the final result offers a both stylish and practical space, that reflects a minimalistic, yet eclectic style. We’ve put together the […]

Choosing a Corner Sofa

Corner sofas can make life much easier – less separate pieces of furniture, more space and the general convenience of having everything all-in-one. And whether you’re looking to make a statement or utilise your space with a practical sofa, going into the process of buying a corner sofa completely blind can lead to a few […]

The How To of Scatter Cushions

Scatter cushions are the perfect way to either completely change your room, or simply add the finishing touches. They range massively in price, so if you do want to use these as a feature in your space – maybe you would like to invest much more of your budget in to them – but if […]

A Brief Insight Into Feng Shui

Feng shui is probably the most ancient form of interior design known to modern man, having been around for several thousands of years. Interestingly though, you might not realise that your property probably already conforms to the fundamental feature of early feng shui – alignment with the sun. As early as 4,000 BC (and possibly […]