Yearly Archives: 2012

How To Make Your Own Sofa

The things to consider if your thinking about making your own sofa…   Now before we begin I must explain this isn’t for everyone, a number of different skills are needed and these vary by the choice of sofa as explained below. Part 1. Choose a style of Sofa     A vintage leather sofa […]

Why buy a corner sofa unit ?

If you’ve looking for maximum seating area then look no further than our range of corner sofas. Created in a size to fit you and your home these sofas can be personalised to meet your needs exactly. We advise customers to give us a call with their ideal dimensions and we will help you build the perfect […]

Which is more comfy?

Which is more comfy – a buttoned or cushion seat Chesterfield sofa ? I often hear the question, “which is more comfortable, a buttoned seat Chesterfield or a cushioned seat Chesterfield sofa ? ” Off course the answer is very subjective, what is comfortable to one person could be considered uncomfortable to others. It is […]