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If you already have the perfect lighting, why not look into our sofa range to complete your relaxed living look | The English Sofa Company

A Starters Guide to Shabby Chic

Shabby chic styles decoration has made a massive comeback in recent years, and for good reason – the trend allows you to experiment with D.I.Y. techniques and celebrates imperfections – which means you can save yourself a massive amount of money by pulling together a wide range of pieces, which hugely range in prices. You […]

Selecting The Right Lighting For Your Home

Interior design is about function as well as appearance, and once you’re done choosing the furniture and finishes – paint, wallpaper, curtains, carpets etc – for your room, one thing you should never neglect is the lighting. On the tightest of budgets, there is nothing wrong with relying on a single ceiling bulb, but if […]