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Brief History of the Wing Chair

The Wing Chair began its long ancestry during the 1600’s, however, it was not until the late 1720’s that its popularity really began to take off. It was originally invented as a comfortable seat option that would prevent drafts from reaching the upper parts of the body, or to protect against the blustering heat of […]

Minimalist Décor Ideas

If you are a firm believer in the ‘tidy mind – tidy room’ ethos of life, you will generally love minimalist décor styles. There are many approaches to this décor/lifestyle choice and we’ve popped a few of them below for either inspiration – or simply a point in the right direction. Mad for Monochrome The […]

A Starters Guide to Shabby Chic

Shabby chic styles decoration has made a massive comeback in recent years, and for good reason – the trend allows you to experiment with D.I.Y. techniques and celebrates imperfections – which means you can save yourself a massive amount of money by pulling together a wide range of pieces, which hugely range in prices. You […]

How to Choose Sofa Accessories

A beautiful handcrafted leather or fabric sofa may feel wonderful to sit on and look great surrounded by its showroom friends – but how can you ensure it doesn’t look lost and lonely once you get it home? Make the most of a new sofa with accessories that complement and enhance the piece while tying […]

Adding Living Room Finishing Touches

What makes a room? Four walls and a ceiling, some windows and a door? Maybe it’s not really a room until it’s decorated – floor covered, walls painted or papered, and so on…? But beyond that, you can’t really start to use or enjoy a room until it’s properly furnished; without furniture, it’s just an […]