Creative Ideas For Small Kitchens

It’s one of the most important and functional rooms of the house, but many of us have a kitchen that’s a little more compact than we would really like.

Overcoming this can seem like a challenge, but the truth is that there are plenty of possibilities for small kitchens, and most of them aren’t even hard to achieve.

Here are a handful of starting points, from which you can take your inspiration and perhaps develop a few ideas of your own.


Top to toe

If you don’t have a huge amount of floor space, make sure you are using the full height of your kitchen.

The tops of your wall units can often be used to store items you don’t need regularly, such as old tins and boxes, or even spare cutlery.

Don’t forget about these things though – it can get greasy up there over time, so make sure you give things an occasional dust to keep them from getting grimy, as you would on any shelf elsewhere in the house.



Invest in some multifunctional appliances, and you’ll need less space to fit everything in; a fridge-freezer, for instance, will usually take up less space than a separate freezer and refrigerator.

A washer-dryer is another option, rather than having a separate washing machine and tumble dryer, although of course you could simply opt not to have an appliance for drying clothes at all.



Similar in principle to the above, slimline appliances take up less room simply by being physically smaller.

This might mean your dishwasher can only take a few plates at a time, but the savings in energy and water should scale with the size of the appliance too, so it’s not usually a false economy.

If you live alone, or as part of a childless couple, this is especially worth considering, as your laundry loads and washing up are both likely to be less substantial than in a household with kids to look after.


Smart storage

Finally, make use of any remaining nook and cranny with an ingenious method of storage – there are plenty to choose from.

Hooks and magnetic strips can capitalise on any remaining wall space under your wall units or over your worktops.

Sliding racks can pull out from corners as you open cupboard doors, so you don’t waste a cupboard’s worth of space where two walls meet.

And things like wine racks can turn just a few inches of spare space into usable storage – as well as giving you a very easy DIY project for your next long weekend.

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