Behind the Scenes- Photoshoot

A sneak peek into the recent photoshoot for our upcoming furniture collections, where our committed team’s effort and creativity shine through.

Our team were very keen to work with the studios stylists and photographer, working together to bring our visions to life.

Witnessing the expertise of the professionals at the local photography studio was captivating, as they ensured every detail, from the cosy cushions on the sofas to the intricate craftsmanship of each handmade piece, was showcased beautifully.

Behind the camera, the photographers skillfully captured the essence of our new designs, using innovative angles and lighting to create a realistic domestic setting that embodies our brand’s essence. Their artistry turned the set into a series of stunning visuals that truly reflect our brand’s values.

As the project came to an end, a sense of accomplishment and excitement filled the team. We are thrilled to share the final photos with you, inviting you to explore our inspired designs and add sophistication and comfort to your living spaces. Stay tuned for the official reveal of our new furniture collections, where style meets luxury seamlessly.

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