Pet Friendly Sofas

What type of sofa is best with a pet dog in the home ?

With a labrador of our own (our first pet) it was hard to decide on the right type of sofa for our home, and believe me we’ve tried a few !

Fabric sofa Review :-  The English Sofa Company is now providing a 5 Year warranty as standard on all sofas which also includes a form of scotch guarding treatment which makes removing stains easier.  Not all manufacturers provide this service and certainly not for Free, and whilst it makes removing stains easier (and not just pet stains) it won’t protect against claws and teeth which can easily penetrate or rip fabric.  Included with the warranty and guarantee is protection against pet damage which covers you against damage or total loss when ‘Rover’ chews his way into the wooden frame and through the metal springs.

From our experience we believe leather is actually the hardest wearing material in the market and better that fabric in terms of resistance to teeth and claws.  Having decided on a leather sofa, the next choice was what type of leather ! There are around 7 different qualities / finishes. Some are harder wearing than others, some leather sofas being of a real natural finish, are extremely beautiful but can scratch easily whilst others are harder wearing but as a result of the heavier processing can lose some of the natural quality and variation as a result.  The English Sofa company is able to recommend a leather that worked well meeting the individual needs of the user.

I opted for a natural aniline leather that is distressed and marked.  This type of leather is natural in appearance and very soft to the touch, but also has a distressed appearance that creates a used / worn effect.  To tell you the truth it looks ‘knackered’ when absolutely brand new, and this vintage leather look apart from being great as it disguises marks from its appearance was also exactly the style we wanted to create.  For us vintage aniline leather was a perfect choice for our dog and home, because any small marks / scuffs that occur actually look in keeping with the style of the sofa and the leather finished.  Everyone who comes in loves the sofa, and you wouldn’t know ‘Cinci’ our lab has also enjoyed it for a number of years now !

One other option to consider was the use of a vinyl or faux leather.  Although this is also very tough and extremely easy to clean and wipe – somewhat like your kitchen floor, it doesn’t have the feel or smell of real leather and feels very plasticy.

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