Top Reasons To Buy A Sofa Bed

Why not buy a sofa bed just in time for Christmas?

A great space saving solution for those overnight guests that you just don’t have room for. This great space saver creates a temporary bed which can be used and stored away at any time, without sacrificing the great look, style and comfort of our regular leather and fabric sofa range.

With a wide range of leather and fabric sofas to choose from, there’s no need to worry about the look not fitting your requirements as all our products are made to order.

Deco Sofabed Mechanism,Stages

The concept of a sofabed is to more or less create another bedroom which can be created very simply by unfolding the bed from inside the sofa. It instantly creates greater space and comfort for guests and this option sure beats a blow-up mattresses and sleeping on the floor!

Offering great value for money, our sofabeds combine the great look of our stylish and great quality sofas with a very convenient, store away bed with the option of a memory foam mattress for that added comfort. Our contemporary sofabeds come in 2.5 seaters and 3 seaters and are designed to your requirements meaning you can have a great looking sofa combined with a comfy bed, all-in-one product.

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