The Secret To A Successful Loft Conversion

There’s a difference between making your loft accessible, and a true loft conversion – it should be about more than just putting down a few boards over the exposed rafters.

Here are five things to think about when transforming your loft from neglected storage space into an extra room on your house.

1. Treading the Boards

Make sure you have a proper floor laid – not just loose boards that may shift underfoot. A true loft conversion treats the space as you would any other room, so put a solid floor in place and you can then decide whether to carpet or lay laminates on top for the desired visual finish.

loft flooring

2. Reaching the Top

Your loft is likely to be higher than any part of your home’s existing upstairs rooms, so think about access. Modern building regulations probably won’t permit a staircase if it’s too steep, so make sure you have somewhere that you can fit in a sensible flight of stairs, if you want permanent easy access to your converted attic.

loft stairs

3. Fit Out and Kit Out

Once you have the shell of your room in place, with good access and a reliable floor, it’s time to start fitting it out. If you’re not planning to use the space as a bedroom, then a cosy sofa or chaise longue can help to make it feel warmer, and less empty. Having at least one piece of ‘proper’ furniture helps with the impression that this is no longer just a loft with a floor, but is a room in its own right.

loft furniture

4. Light and Warmth

Once you’re in your loft, you’re probably above your home’s insulation, which by now is likely to be hidden away under your new floorboards. That means you need to create warmth from elsewhere – a roof window or gable window can let in some warming sunlight, to begin with.

If you have a hot water storage tank, this might help heat the attic space too, although these are increasingly giving way to combi boilers in modern homes. Soft furnishings can at least help the space to feel cosy, and rugs and wall drapes have an insulating effect too, so install plenty of fabric to serve as undergarments for your attic.

light and airy loft

5. Still Storage

Finally, remember that converting your loft removes a large chunk from your home’s storage – so make the most of the space available to you in your attic. Built-in storage units allow those unusually shaped nooks and crannies to hold objects that might otherwise not have an obvious home. And again, the more you build into your loft, the more it will feel like a ‘real’ room – and the more straight edges you can create to help your furniture fit better into the space.

loft storage

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