Choosing the right fabric for your new Handmade Sofa

At The English Sofa Company we offer an extensive range of fabrics and leathers giving you the best possible choice possible when purchasing your new leather or fabric sofa.  However, with a wealth of options available we understand it isn’t always easy to pick the right fabric to suit your needs and colour scheme. That’s why we thought we would put together this little blog to help you make that tricky decision!

Our range of gorgeous fabrics has been specifically chosen by our interior design team to ensure not only a great range of colours are available, but you also have a range of materials to choose from, too!

The main thing to bear in mind when choosing your fabric is to make sure it suits both your lifestyle and family needs. If you are purchasing not just for yourself, but also for a family with small children and / or dogs, our House Fabric might be the right fabric for you. Our house collection consists of 100% polyester synthetic fabrics, is hard wearing and durable and is manufactured to stand the test of time. This is the best way to get the fabulous look and feel of linen without suffering from its usual delicateness.

sofa 2

Alternatively if you are looking for more of a statement piece, our British Velvets collection, or perhaps our English wools would make an excellent choice for a more formal setting. Both of these fabrics are extremely sophisticated and are soft to the touch. Our matte velvet in this collection is 88% cotton and 12% polyester for added durability. If you would prefer a fully natural weave however, our Canterbury velvets are 100% pure cotton with both of these fabrics being produced in the UK.

Our last but certainly not the least out of our collection is our English Wools. These fabrics are woven by our established British Wool suppliers in the Yorkshire area and consist of 100% British Wool with excellent natural properties.

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