Summer Decor Tips

Summer Decor 3

Summer Decor Tips 

Summer is fast approaching and the days are getting longer and lighter. With the temperature rising, it’s time to plan your summer décor accordingly. Be sure to bring in both style and comfort into your homes by following our quick and easy summer décor tips.

Top 3 Tips:

1. Bring in the Beach

Summer Decor 2

Everyone dreams of living on the beach, with the gentle sound of the tide brushing against the shore, sending you into a deep, calm and relaxing sleep… Zzz (I nearly nodded off myself there too). Whilst this is merely a dream for most, there is no reason why you can’t bring the beach into your homes this summer.

Our Beige Herringbone Throw is the perfect accessory to replicate the beautiful simplicity of a sandy beach, without the mess and discomfort that goes with it. A simple, comfortable and stylish accessory that will shore up any summer décor.

2. Use Summery Colours

Summer Decor 3

A great money saver; summer, similar to spring is the perfect season to introduce bright and fun colours. Work across the seasons by mixing and matching your existing décor with some new vibrant and cool accessories. Browse through our range of accessories and start matching your existing décor with our fabulous range, just in time for summer.

3. Expect Guests

Summer Decor 1

We all know how it goes on warm summer days, the barbeque is blazing, the sausages are sizzling, and the champagne flutes are flowing. Suddenly, the night springs upon us and our family and friends need a pillow for the night. Introducing the summer décor star – the sofa bed. A piece of furniture that’s worth its weight in gold in the summer season. Check out our huge range of Sofa Beds, and dazzle your guest this summer.

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